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    Total Population

    United States of America 415,414
    Saudi Arabia 337,000
    Myanmar 139,000
    Malaysia 118,000
    Australia 34,435
    Fiji 33,000
    Mauritius 19,000
    Canada 15,655
    South Africa 4,600
    Singapore 40,000+

    Notable people from Telugu Diaspora

    • Yellapragada Subbarao – Biochemist who discovered the function of adenosine triphosphate as an energy source in the cell
    • Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO
    • Shatanu Narayen – CEO of Adobe systems
    • Uma pemmaraju – American anchor and host on the Fox News Channels cable network.
    • Rao Remala – First Indian employee at Microsoft
    • Aravind Krishna – Indian-American business executive. He is the CEO of IBM.
    • Padmasree Warrior – serves on the board of directors of Microsoft and Spotify Companies.

    Key Facts 

    • Telugu is the third most spoken language by Indian Americans
    • Telugu community is increasing rapidly in United States of America and Australia
    • Telugu community groups are present in almost all developed countries in the world.


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