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    Kavya Samanvitha

    I’m Kavya Samanvitha, and cooking is my drug to instant happiness! As the old saying goes, “All we earn is for a happy tummy!”, I strongly believe in spreading happiness through food, cause there’s nothing more fulfilling than a happy tummy. I believe in delivering emotions through food by crafting love, joy, and happiness. A vegetarian by birth, it is also my choice and lifestyle now. I want to show the world that there are a plethora of vegetarian choices that make you want to skip meat! You can encounter many interesting vegan, keto and other healthy recipes that can be prepared on-the-go. I am slowly moving towards a sustainable lifestyle by using as many environment-friendly items in my channels. I also have a little kitchen garden that helps me sprinkle some additional love on my recipes! Someday, I want to see the world hunger-free!
    You can watch my recipes in English and Telugu in my respective channels. You can get to know me on a personal level and also get more updates on the next recipes on my Instagram page. Shower some love, be a part of spreading happiness through food by subscribing to my channel!

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